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The Permagard Aerospace coating is approved by Textron Aviation across all brands and all models. Following this approval, we have created a portal dedicated to Textron customers operating Cessna, Beechcraft and Hawker fixed wing aircraft. Permagard is proud to support Textron small airplane owners so that they can get access to Permagard Aviation Coatings with dedicated (Do It Yourself) DIY kits complete with training and tutorial support for the correct application of our products by airplane owners.


What is Permagard?

Permagard is a reactive polymer coating that chemically bonds to the pores of the paintwork to seal and protect the surface. As the treated surface cures, the plasticized molecules elongate, interlocking with each other, resulting in a tough bonded protective coating maintaining a durable high gloss finish. Permagard is not a wax and does not create repaint issues.

Permagard Aerospace Coating

Permagard external surface coating ensures durable superior Appearance the so called wet look effect ⁠— Highlighting the exclusivity of the operator and its brand.

Colors are turned to intense and bright appearance maximizing the paints pigmentation and the contrast of its colors.

The Permagard Aerospace coating is so slick to the touch that previous frequent washes- wet and dry- are replaced by low cost- low man hour wipe downs, without compromise on aircraft appearance.

The Permagard Aviation coating durable seals and protects all painted external surfaces, including the entire wings and stabilizers ensuring not only a clean and glossy appearance, but more important- optimizes best aerodynamic characteristics of the wing, preventing the usual degradation of aerodynamic performance.

However, the significant value added by the Performance durable wet look and the deep gloss of external surfaces stand for best industry standard which continuously communicate the superior image of the operator and its brand.


New Paint Kit 1

AV308 Reactive Polymer Aviation x 2


Permagard Aviation - Treatment for Very Damaged Surfaces
Permagard Aviation - Treatment for Very Damaged Surfaces

Used Paint Kit 2

AV303 Treatment for

Very Damaged Surfaces x 2

AV308 Reactive Polymer Aviation x 2


Cotton Bonnet Cutout.png
Microfiber Bonnet Cutout.png

Accessories Kit 3

Reusable 10’ Terry terry cotton bonnets x 20


10’ Microfiber bonnets x 2


AV 312 Cutout.png
Empty Spray Bottle Cutout.png

Maintenance Kit 4

312 Multipurpose Cleaner Concentrate x 1 Gallon


1 Empty Sprayer


AV305 Cleaner for Treated Surfaces x 1


Prices are in the currency of the United States.

Shipping and handling fees are not included. Prices are subject to change.

Live Online

Training Available

English or French Language training only.

DIY Kits are reserved for planes weighing less than 3000 lbs (1361kg). DIY kits are supported by written  instructions, tutorial English videos and phone or emailed instructions.

Aircraft weighing over 3001 lbs must be treated with Permagard Aerospace Coating by certified installers who have been trained by Permagard.

Please contact us for more information


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