Our quality policy consists of meeting our customers’ requirements through the continued improvement of our Quality Management System (QMS).

PERMAGARD LLC specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of quality, reliable, and efficient products for use in 3 main markets: automotive, marine, and aviation.


The Company’s goal is to supply products that are fit for use and have the desired quality in accordance with customer's requirements and expectations.


Our Customers expect reliable and cost-effective products delivered on time.


At PERMAGARD, Quality is essential for our products and services as well as for our workplace, our staff, and for the environment.


To achieve the goals indicated above and to satisfy the Customer expectations, PERMAGARD manufacturing plant is totally committed to implementing and maintaining a Quality Management System based on ISO 9001 standard.


We are committed to improving our performance in every aspect of our business.





Luc Lefebvre d'Argencé

President and CEO, Permagard

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