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The trademark PERMAGARD shine did not come about by accident. It is the result of years of research and testing. But what exactly gives PERMAGARD’s tough-as-nails protection system the stunning, glossy look that airlines, automotive dealerships, and yacht companies depend on?


The science revolves around three main processes:


  • Extreme bonding.

  • A stabilizing, gloss-producing curing process.

  • Corrosion protection and hydrophobic efficiency.


Over thirty-five billion dollars in transportation assets have been treated with Permagard and are currently operating globally. Permagard clientele ranges from privately owned single engine prop planes to the newest wide-body commercial aircraft, from elegant Super-yachts to tournament winning sport fishers, from high performance sports cars to off-road 4x4's.

Our high-performance, environmentally safe protective coatings have been engineered to enhance and maintain a like-new appearance for the lifetime of the paint for all aircraft, boats and automobiles.

For over twenty years, our cutting-edge research and development laboratories have been leading the industry and PERMAGARD is today considered the standard in aviation protective coating solutions.


    PERMAGARD coatings contain polar amines, which give them a positive charge. This type of charge is naturally attracted to negatively charged substrates, such as the ones found in paint. The bond between these opposing charges is so strong that once applied and given time to cure, the PERMAGARD coating actually penetrates the porous surfaces of the substrate, effectively becoming an integrated part of the painted surface. Reaction by hydrolysis provides for cross linking to form a water repellent polymer coating, anchored into the pores of the paint.


    It is this molecular relationship that gives PERMAGARD coatings their durability and strength. Due to this bond, the coating will remain on the substrate for as long as the substrate remains on the surface on which it was originally applied. Translation: PERMAGARD coatings will never peal or crack off paint, unlike other brands.


    PERMAGARD coatings react to atmospheric moisture, cross-linking to form a continuous resinous film. This resinous film creates a three-dimensional appearance with gloss levels more intense than those of brand-new paint.


    Once the resinous film has bonded to the substrate and cured, it creates a hydrophobic effect that repels water and protects the coated surface from corrosion. Because water is instantly whisked away, this film is responsible for the self-cleaning properties inherent in PERMAGARD coatings.


    When it comes to protective barriers, there is no more sophisticated, scientifically sound choice than PERMAGARD.

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