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Founded in 1998 in Mougins, France, Permagard has become the leader in high-performance vehicle sealants. Developed with the most cutting-edge technology for the aviation industry, our coatings are designed to reduce drag and deliver a shine that lasts a lifetime.


We understand that it takes more than just a great product to become a trusted partner and supplier to aircraft owners and operators: it takes a commitment to performance and a dedication to precision.


This has led our aviation division to manage more than $30 billion in aerospace assets, protecting their exteriors from some of the harshest operating environments known to man all while improving flight efficiency.


In turn, we have expanded our team to include extremely talented, senior-level automotive industry leaders who call upon their firsthand knowledge of the operational challenges facing dealerships, panel shops, and franchises when working with our automotive clients. This experience is why we go beyond simply making vehicles look fantastic. High-performance brands such as Porsche choose PERMAGARD not only because of our commitment to beautifying their cars but also because of our reputation for helping dealerships save money through high-quality, reliable service.


PERMAGARD’s purview extends to the sea as well. Our marine division currently operates on a retail level, supplying superior specialized products to recognizable brands like Sunseeker, Princess, and Ferretti.


No matter the realm—ocean, sky or land—PERMAGARD provides the optimum solution for long-term protection. If it is protected by PERMAGARD, it is protected for life.

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