Aircraft protection and Beautification


Anyone can board an aircraft and take to the sky. But when you step into an aircraft that’s been protected by PERMAGARD aerospace coatings, you’re not just heading to your destination, you’re making a statement.


You are boldly stating that you value the luxury, beauty, and performance of your aircraft, and that you and your treasured assets deserve only the highest quality products and processes.  


Because you want a super glossy, incomparably smooth finish that keeps your aircraft looking, and flying like new, you choose PERMAGARD. Because it isn't just about getting there, it's about getting there in style.

The market leader in aviation paint

rejuvenation and protection

With the aid of advanced reactive polymer technology, we have the

most effective and durable aviation paint preservation system available.


Permagard's sophisticated reactive polymer and UV filtering technology protects aircraft paint against fading and oxidation. This maintains the paint's original aesthetic brilliance, in addition to extending and prolonging the life of the paint, reducing the need for repaints.


Permagard's unique polymer gloss spectrum design reacts with the painted surface to produce an incredibly high gloss, low friction permanent coating. This protective coating dramatically reduces cleaning time and costs, by reducing the frequency and ground time required for washes.


Permagard has been proven to reduce parasitic drag on both commercial and business jets, thereby reducing engine cruise power settings, ultimately saving fuel.


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