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automotive paint protection and beautification

You want your car to turn heads. For a stunning appearance, you have to look past the model and focus on the details. You only get one chance to make a first impression, so show them your best side with PERMAGARD.


With a sparkling shine, PERMAGARD protects your vehicle from the elements and keeps it looking its best, blocking out the pollutants that undermine your paint, and locking in that permanent “wet” look that is sure to turn heads.


The World leader in the

technology of paint protection

Once applied on painted surfaces by a certified technician, the PERMAGARD treatment creates a high-quality protective coating with a glass-like finish.

PERMAGARD treated surfaces need only to be cleaned with water, no harsh solvents are required

Permagard is a specific, long-lasting protection process using a reactive polymer that is suitable for all types of automotive, marine and aircraft paints.​


  • Directly applicable to new paint.


  • Protects exterior surfaces against continued absorption and damage from harsh contaminants such as acid rain, bird lime, insects, tree sap, UV rays, fuel, exhaust fumes, grease, solvents, fine sand, salt, and chemicals.


  • Environmentally friendly as it negates the use of detergents when washing.


  • Slows deterioration of paint.


  • Restores oxidized paints.


  • Protects paint from premature oxidation, therefore, extending the life of the paint.

  • Greatly reduces the maintenance time required to keep the surfaces clean.

  • Provides durable protection.

  • Maintains a long-lasting shine.

  • Reduces the appearance of existing fine lines and polish marks.